Welcome To Our Blog!

Learn about the company, the blogger and the blog.

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our Fall Afresh Catholic Media Blog. I am Veronica, the marketing manager here at Fall Afresh and a Theology teacher, “Master” (M.A. in Theology & Ministry from Franciscan University), and enthusiast. I wanted to introduce you to the blog and the story behind Fall Afresh Catholic Media.

The Story Behind the Blogger and Fall Afresh Catholic Media

Here's a little bit about myself: The Lord called me to study Theology and Communications at Ave Maria University and then earn my M.A. in Theology & Christian Ministry from Franciscan University. I am a high school theology teacher and evangelization enthusiast with experience in Catholic marketing.

I have written articles and theological resources for Matt Frad, Jason Evert’s Chastity Project, and Life Teen. With my heart and passion for the new evangelization, I was ecstatic when my husband was inspired to create Fall Afresh Catholic Media. The Lord’s vision for the company was to use our family’s talents and passion for the Catholic Faith to share the Good, the True, and the Beautiful that flows from Christ and His One True Church.

The Vision For The Blog

This blog will unravel some of life's biggest questions, and modern day concerns and controversies through the lens of Our Catholic Faith.

It will also include poetic meditations and reflections on our Catholic faith that can guide you in prayer, form your understanding, inspire you, and challenge you to go deeper into and share your Catholic Faith. We hope to accept blog submissions and ideas so you can join and collaborate with our community of Catholic musicians, artists and content creators.

Feel free to submit any questions or topics you would like to be written on the blog (or answered in a video) in the “Contact Us” tab. Fall Afresh Catholic Media is a resource for YOU to answer your questions or concerns having to do with our Immovable and True Catholic Faith in this ever changing and loud world.

The Story of Fall Afresh Catholic Media

We are a team (and family) of devoted Catholics from South Florida with different gifts, strengths, and weaknesses, yet share a mutual love and passion for the Faith. Some of our team are theologians, teachers, ministry leaders, artists, speakers, writers, event planners, singers, and musicians. Some of us are many or all of the above.

The goal of Fall Afresh Catholic Media is three-fold: to inspire, form, and challenge Catholics in their Faith, and as a result help them to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and His One True Church.

We will inspire, form, and challenge Catholics through faith filled music, beautiful art, educational and creative writings, formative videos/podcasts, eye-catching merchandise and dynamic talks.

We will challenge people to go deeper into Our Beautiful Catholic Traditions through participating in prayer and formation challenges, and to share and wear the Faith. We have a dream to bring Catholics together into a spiritual community and inspire Catholic content creators and artists to collaborate and create together.

There is a lot in store for the future of Fall Afresh Catholic Media and we cannot wait for YOU to join the familia (family)!

Thank you for reading this far and for checking out our page.